Sidna Shaykh At-Tidjani - The Concealed Pole

He is the Secret of the Eminent Secrets, the Hidden Soul of the Holy Souls, the Ladder of the Intellects, the Accomplishment of the Principles, the Pole of the Millstone of the Existence, the Centre of the Circle of the Revelation, the Perfection of the Creation and the Origin of the Perfection, the Beauty of all and the Gathering Place of the Existence, the Known and Existing Knowledge. Questions turn to him, he whose birth is well-known. He is parallel to the Prophetic Mirror, the Verifier of the Appeasing Secrets, the One Embellished by the Divine Lights, and the One Nourished within the Lordly Veils. He emanates truths by his existence... In the words of his Greatest Beloved and Successor and Representative, Mawlana Abul Hassan Ali Harazem (d. 1218/1803 in Badr, Medina), "Know that our Shaykh is the great Imam the understandable sea, the one with the higher signs, the clear worship, the saintly realities, the Mohammedian lights, the Divine secrets, the knowledge of the guided ones, the holder of the learned ‘flags, the Imam of the trustworthy ones, the cave of the clear heart’s holders, the Qibla (direction) of the determined ones, the Zamzam of the arrived ones’ secret, the renewer of the Path’s concepts after its occultation, the initiator of the reality sciences after its light decline, the unique in his time in sciences, inner state and rhetoric, the great assembled pole, the unique being with two sublime spiritual and bodily lineages, the two upper angelic and royal wilaya, and the blessed Mohammedian twin lineage, Abul Abbas Sidna Ahmed ibn Mohammed ibn al-Mokhtar ibn Ahmed ibn Salem Tijani al-Hassani, al-Madhawi origin, where he was born and lived, the home of his ancestors which is a home of knowledge, piety, generosity, ho


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